CWB Financial Group

Giving philosophy

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We take pride in actively participating in the growth, development and sustainability of the communities where we operate. To ensure the greatest possible impact, our community investment program focuses on helping local charitable and community organizations fulfil their respective mandates in the areas of education, health and wellness, and community and civic services.

Continuous learning is a priority for Canadian Western Bank Group and our employees. We want learning to be accessible for people of all ages and backgrounds. When education is our foundation, we as a society become more progressive and enlightened. We support organizations and institutions that encourage and facilitate learning for all students, from preschool and post-secondary education to continuing education.

Canadian Western Bank Group cares about the health and wellness of the people in our communities. We support organizations that promote wellness, strengthen our health system, and improve quality of life. We also support health related research that gives all of us a reason to hope.

Safe and vibrant communities come from care and compassion. The issues and needs impacting society are best addressed with collaborative efforts between devoted organizations, government and other stakeholders. Canadian Western Bank Group's support and community involvement improves quality of life in the communities in which we operate.