Corporate governance

At CWB Financial Group, we strive to earn the trust of our stakeholders by applying strong corporate governance practices.

Our culture is founded on the principles of integrity and accountability and our corporate governance practices are designed to foster ethical conduct, promote responsible business practices, and build shareholder value over the long term.

For more on our ethical standards, view CWB Financial Group Code of Conduct and the Reporting Concerns: CWB Ethics Hotline.

Canadian Western Bank is governed by the Bank Act (Canada). Canadian Western Bank was created in 1988 through the amalgamation of Bank of Alberta and Western & Pacific Bank of Canada.  For more information about us, view our story, and for more on how we are constituted, view our By-laws.


Board of Directors

Strong corporate governance practices start with an independent chair leading a board of independent, committed directors who oversee strategy and risk management and promote ethical behaviour throughout our organization.

Our directors have a diversity of experience, perspectives, and skills that are critical to providing effective oversight. Of our directors, 33% are women.

For more on our corporate governance practices, view our Statement of Corporate Governance Practices from our most recent proxy circular, our Corporate Governance Policy, the mandate of the Board of Directors and the mandate of the Chair of the Board.

Board Committees

The Board delegates certain powers, duties and responsibilities to it committees to help fulfil its duties and responsibilities.

For more on our Committees, view Audit Committee mandate, Governance and Conduct Review Committee mandate, Human Resources Committee mandate, Risk Committee mandate, and the Committee Chair mandate.






Our Board of Directors encourages an open dialogue with shareholders and invites questions or feedback about corporate governance issues. Please email the Chair of the Board or the Corporate Secretary.