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CWB Ethics Hotline

CWB Financial Group takes great pride in its culture. When violations of our Code of Conduct (English) or Code of Conduct (French)and core values occur, our culture is put at risk and could negatively impact our work environment as well as undermine the trust of our clients, employees and other stakeholders. Identifying and resolving issues early is critical to maintaining our culture of integrity.

We have established the CWB Financial Group Ethics Hotline as a communication channel for all CWB Financial Group employees and contractors to ask questions and report concerns about illegal, fraudulent, or corrupt activity; accounting or auditing matters; retaliation for having reported matters in good faith; or other Code violations. It is managed by an independent, third party company and is available 24/7. The hotline is designed to protect your confidentiality and your anonymity. Your phone number and/or IP address will not be recorded by the hotline provider.

You can access the CWB Financial Group Ethics Hotline in the following ways:
Phone: 1-844-254-3068 (toll free) Online: www.clearviewconnects.com

Additional information about asking questions and reporting concerns can be found in the “Seeking guidance and reporting concerns” and “Where to find further information” sections of the Code (English) or Code (French)