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Website Privacy

Use of Web Tools

We or our service providers may use various tracking tools, such as Cookies, Pixel Tags and Web Beacons, on our websites and in our emails and advertisements. They help us capture user activity for analysis to better understand use and effectiveness of the websites, enhance user experience and provide additional security controls.
  • Cookie is a small file containing certain pieces of information that a website creates when you visit the site. It can track how and when you use a site, which site you visited immediately before, and it can store that information about you.
    There are different types of cookies that are used for different types of activities: (1) Session cookies enable the website you are visiting to keep track of your movement from page to page so you do not get asked for the same information you've already given to the site. (2) Persistent Cookies help websites remember your information and settings when you visit them in the future, and help us provide you with a more personalized experience when you are using the CWB websites by analyzing which products and services you have used. (3) Flash Cookies are used to improve your website experience by identifying online behaviors and customizing the ads you view to reflect your browsing experience.
    If you decide that you do not wish to receive Cookies, refer to your browser’s online help for further instruction and information on setting
    Cookie preferences. If you do not accept cookies, you may continue to browse our websites; however, you should be aware that certain features of our websites may not function properly without cookies. Additional resources that may assist you in managing cookies used for advertising include the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA): https://youradchoices.ca/
  • Tagging is when we place customized Statement on our websites in order to monitor user activity on our websites. This Tagging software captures user activity and passes it on to a third party for analysis so that we might better understand and enhance the user experience and provide additional security controls.
  • Web Beacons are small and transparent images embedded in web pages that, when combined with Cookies, help provide a website operator with information about the use and effectiveness of a website.
  • Ad Management Solutions are tools that enable us to present appropriate ads to users based on previous interests as indicated by websites they have visited. These tools track if you have clicked on a CWB ad and identify your activity when you clicked on that ad using Cookies and Web Beacons. These tools do not identify you personally, but are associated with the device, such as the computer being used.
  • Our website contains links to other sites. When clicking on a link, we encourage you to examine the site's privacy statement and make your own decision regarding the information provided.
  • There may be "social buttons" on some CWB pages for sharing items through social networking websites. Social buttons let visitors share or bookmark web pages and they could be collecting information about what you are doing all around the internet, including this site. To be certain what information those sites collect and how to opt out, check the respective policies of each site.
  • Computer Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are like your mailing address on the internet. When you load a webpage, your computer asks a server for the IP address of the website, then sends the request to it. The website responds to your IP address.  When you access our website, we may use this location  data from your IP address to customize the information you see.

Download a copy of our Use of Web Tools information.


Full privacy policy can be found here