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Encrypted email user guide

Canadian Western Bank Financial Group (CWBFG) regularly communicates important and confidential information with key stakeholders, clients, etc. To ensure that communications are carefully protected, we encrypt the contents.

Expand the sections below to learn more. To access the French user guide, click here.

 What is encryption?

Encryption is a protective envelope around information that renders it unreadable to anyone but the intended recipient.

Why apply encryption to email?
Encryption is applied to email for security purposes as it protects sensitive and/or confidential information in transit. Standard email does not apply protection to sensitive content.
What will I see?

You will receive messages from @cwbank.com (or partner company) sender’s email similar to what you may have received in the past.

Sample message:
CWB Encrypted email one time sample

Click “Read the message” link. If you use a social ID such as a Google account, Yahoo account, or Microsoft account, you will be provided with options for authentication.

CWB Encrypted email social id sign on

You can use a social ID for authentication, or request a one-time passcode be delivered to you via email. Note: one-time passcodes are valid for 15 minutes, so next time you want to retrieve the contents, you will need to request another one-time passcode. If you chose to use a one-time passcode, you will also be provided the option of creating a Microsoft account for future use.

CWB Encrypted email one time passcode
Creation of a Microsoft account ensures you do not need to retrieve a one-time passcode for each encrypted message in the future, however responsibility for managing and securing that credential rests with you. We also encourage reasonable security practices (screen lock on mobile devices, suitably complex password) as simple protective measures.

Can I forward an encrypted email to someone else?
No, the message and its contents are intended for the recipient only, and the recipient will need to authenticate with a social ID or one-time passcode that was sent to them specifically.
Encrypted messaging clients
CWBFG’s encrypted messages will work on any webmail system, mobile device or desktop mail client.
What if my email address changes?

Contact the appropriate branch, department or individual that sent you the material and advise them of the change.