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Reducing our impact on the environment

At CWB, we are committed to environmental stewardship across our business. We manage our environmental risk through our risk management policies and are focused on reducing our environmental footprint of our operations, particularly around greenhouse gas emissions, waste reduction and improving building sustainability.

Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

We are proud to be a founding member of the City of Edmonton's Corporate Climate Leaders Program and have engaged Climate Smart to measure CWB’s GHG emissions in the Alberta capital region. We are collecting data and identifying ways to reduce GHG emissions. Reducing GHG emissions from current levels will take a collective effort from individuals, corporations and the overall community, so to do our part we have established greenhouse gas reduction targets of 15% by 2025 and 25% by 2035.

Waste Reduction

We strive to ensure our waste management processes are managed and followed rigorously by encouraging our employees to reduce, reuse and recycle. Our activities and achievements include:

  • Saving 2,151 trees Group-wide by encouraging our employees to cut back on printing and using our paper shred service
  • Donating more than 3,600 pounds of refurbished technology and recycling 1,000-plus pounds of old technology through our partnership with Green4Good
  • Supporting employee participation in waste management initiatives like Shoreline Clean-up and electronics recycling days
  • Designating recycling areas for cardboard, paper and bottles in various locations
  • Formal bottle recycling programs at many of our locations with all proceeds going to community charities

Building sustainability

When we build a new branch or renovate a space we endeavour to make them more ecologically friendly. Where possible we use energy-efficient mechanical systems, appliances and equipment, and install features such as lights-on sensors and LED lighting. We also reduce our impact by providing bicycle parking and increased telecommuting options.

Lending Responsibility

To manage environmental risks and to help mitigate our overall impact on the environment, we evaluate potential risks as part of our credit granting process. If potential environmental risks are identified that cannot be resolved to our satisfaction, the application will be denied. Further detail is provided in our annual report.