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Frequently Asked Questions

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Shareholder Information

What stock exchanges are CWB Financial Group shares traded on and what are the ticker symbols?

CWB’s shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the following ticker symbols:

  • Common shares: CWB 
  • Series 5 preferred shares: CWB.PR.B
  • Series 9 preferred shares: CWB.PR.D
What is the CUSIP number for CWB common shares?
CUSIP: 13677F-10-1
Where can I find the information on the current and historical share prices?
Historical share price data is available here.
Have shares in CWB ever split?
CWB paid a stock dividend effecting a 2-for-1 split of the Bank’s common shares in both January 2005 and January 2007. 
Who is CWB’s transfer agent?


100 University Avenue, 8th Floor

Toronto, ON M5J 2Y1

Telephone: (416) 263-9200

Toll-free: 1-800-564-6253

Fax: (888) 453-0330

Website: Computershare

How do I change my address and other information, or obtain information on my registered shareholdings?
Please contact the Bank’s transfer agent Computershare at 1-800-564-6253. 
Who do I contact about lost share certificates or estate transfers?
If you have lost your share certificate or have an estate transfer, shareholders are asked to contact the Bank's transfer agent Computershare, at 1-800-564-6253; as soon as possible.

Dividend Information

What are CWBs current and historical dividend payments?

Dividends paid on common share is summarized here
Dividends paid on series 5, series 7 and  series 9 preferred shares are summarized here

Are dividends paid by CWB considered "eligible dividends" under the Canadian income tax act?
All cash dividends paid by CWB to Canadian residents are designated as “eligible dividends” under the Canadian income tax act.
Who should I contact if I have not received my dividends?
If your dividend cheque has been lost, stolen, or has not been received please contact our transfer agent Computershare at 1-800-564-6253 as soon as possible.
Can I have my CWB dividend payments deposited directly into my bank account?
You can arrange to have your dividend cheques deposited directly into your bank account. To obtain more information on this service please contact the Bank’s transfer agent, Computershare at 1-800-564-6253.  
Does CWB offer a dividend reinvestment plan?

Yes, details for Canadian Western Bank's Dividend Reinvestment Plan are available here. 

Financial Information

When do you announce your financial results?
CWB's expected earnings release dates are listed on our Quarterly Reports page.
Where can I find copies of CWB's annual reports, quarterly reports, quarterly webcasts and corporate presentation?

Reports are available for viewing or download: 

Where can I find regulatory filings for CWB, including copies of the proxy circular?
Click here to view or download regulatory filings and accompanying forms, which are available on SEDAR.

General Information

What are CWB's current credit ratings?
Please refer to the Credit Ratings page.
Who are the analysts that cover CWB?
Please refer to the Analyst Coverage page.
Where can I learn more about CWB’s Executives and Board Members?
Please refer to the Executive Team page and the Board of Directors page.
What are CWB's business lines?
Please refer to the Our Companies page.