Debt Information

Maturity Schedule

Subordinated debentures   Interest rate(1) Maturity date Earliest redemption date Par Value(2) (Oct 31, 2020)
Series F NVCC  3.668%  Jun 11, 2029 Jun 11, 2024  $250,000,000 
Series G NVCC   4.840% Jun 29, 2030 Jun 29, 2025  $125,000,000 

(1) The interest rate will be paid until the earliest date redeemable, after which the interest rate will reset quarterly at the reset spread basis points over the then three-month Bankers’ Acceptance rate

(2) The balance reported on the consolidated balance sheet as at October 31, 2020 includes unamortized financing costs related to the issuance of subordinated debentures of $2,357 (2019 - $1,506).


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