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CWB invests in financial literacy of Manitoba's youth

WINNIPEG, January 10, 2013 – Canadian Western Bank (CWB) is pleased to announce its commitment to join Junior Achievement of Manitoba (JA) in bringing financial literacy programming to local students. Over the next two years, CWB will serve as the primary sponsor of the ‘Economics for Success’ program by providing volunteers to deliver the program in schools and $30,000 of financial support. This new sponsorship follows CWB’s sponsorship of the same program in both Alberta and Saskatchewan.

‘Economics for Success’ helps students explore and manage their job and career choices by focusing on the direct links between further education and personal goals. The full-day program gives students a new perspective on how informed educational and financial choices can jump-start their future. As the leading provider of youth financial literacy education in Manitoba, Junior Achievement offers programs that give youth the confidence, belief and direction they need to succeed as leaders and citizens in a global community.

“All of our programs are delivered by teacher or school request and at no cost to the schools or students,” says Greg Leipsic, President & CEO of Junior Achievement of Manitoba. “This would not be possible without support from businesses like Canadian Western Bank, who provide financial and volunteer support for our programs.”

“Canadian Western Bank recognizes the importance of teaching youth the skills they need to make informed financial decisions and we are excited to partner with Junior Achievement of Manitoba,” says Angela Saveraux, CWB’s Community Investment Manager. “As we expand our business presence in Winnipeg with our new branch in the city’s southwest, we want to make meaningful contributions to the prosperity of the community. Junior Achievement will help us achieve that.”

For further information contact:

Kirby Hill, CFA
Director, Strategy & Communications
Canadian Western Bank
Phone: (780) 441-3770
Email: [email protected]