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CWB online banking division to rebrand to Motive Financial

EDMONTON, ALBERTA – Canadian Western Bank’s (CWB) online banking division, Canadian Direct Financial (CDF), will become Motive Financial on April 18.

CWB launched CDF in 2008 to offer personal banking products to clients seeking the ease and flexibility of banking online while extending its reach across Canada.  The switch to Motive Financial reflects a renewed focus on creating wealth and opportunity for clients from coast-to-coast.

"Our clients are serious about savings and we felt we needed a brand that better reflected who they are and what we offer them," said Adam Skoreyko, Division Manager for Motive Financial. "We've always been about better rates and lower fees and we think it's time that banks recognized and rewarded savers. That's what Motive is about."

The rebrand has been under development since last fall and involved countless hours of research and input from staff. The focus was to emphasize the long-term financial benefits of saving money with purpose while communicating opportunity and optimism.

"We feel we've arrived at something that really captures what is most important to our clients," Skoreyko said. "Everybody has their own reasons for saving money and we understand there aren't any shortcuts. The Motive brand recognizes this and helps clients see what is possible when they save with us."

Current clients were notified of the upcoming change last week. Skoreyko said making sure customers understand the rebrand won't impact their service is a top priority.

"Motive will continue to deliver the great service, competitive rates and reduced fees our clients have come to expect from Canadian Direct Financial," Skoreyko said.

Motive Financial will remain a division of CWB and continue to support CWB’s strategic retail and digital banking growth and geographic expansion.

For more information, contact:

Angela Saveraux 
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications
Canadian Western Bank 
Phone: 780.441.2257 
E-mail: [email protected]

Adam Skoreyko
Division Manager, Canadian Direct Financial
Phone: 780.969.8315
E-mail: [email protected]