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Motive Financial: Bringing thrifty back

EDMONTON, April 18, 2017 - Savers rejoice and say hello to Motive Financial, Canada’s home for the smart and practical pennypinchers.

Motive is the new name for Canadian Direct Financial. And with the new name comes a renewed focus: Savers.

Motive commends the cautious, praises the prudent, and celebrates the shrewd and sensible. Why? Because nobody does and somebody should.

“Motive is going to change the conversation around what it means to save money,” said Adam Skoreyko, Division Manager at Motive Financial. “We want to know what you’re saving for and why so we can help you get there. We want to reward people who choose to be smart with their money. So to everyone who has ever been called cheap or chintzy, we’ve got your back.”

The Motive Financial brand and visual identity was first introduced Feb. 28. Motive’s bright colours and boundless shapes reflect the constant evolution of our goals and aspirations - financial or otherwise - and the limitless potential of what is possible when you choose to save your money.

“The future belongs to savers, and so does Motive,” added Stephen Murphy, Executive Vice President, Banking, with CWB Financial Group. “We originally launched our online bank to offer personal banking products to clients seeking the ease and flexibility of digital banking while extending our reach across Canada. The switch to Motive Financial reflects a renewed focus on creating wealth and opportunity for clients from coast-to-coast. Motive is for everybody who has a reason to save their money and the discipline to do it.”

motivefinancial.com allows clients to easily access their accounts regardless of what type of device they prefer to use. Offline, clients can access their accounts through one of 2,400 ATMs that are part of the THE EXCHANGE Network across Canada.

Client account numbers and passwords will remain unchanged. Motive will remain a division of Canadian Western Bank, a member of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC), and CWB Financial Group.

About Motive Financial:
Motive Financial, formerly known as Canadian Direct Financial, is a division of Canadian Western Bank, a CWB Financial Group company. Since 2008, Motive has offered its products and services without traditional branch locations. By operating solely through online and mobile banking, Motive can offer daily banking and investment accounts with competitive rates and minimal service charges.

Facebook: Facebook.com/MotiveFncl
Twitter: @MotiveFncl

For further information contact:

Adam Skoreyko
Division Manager
Motive Financial