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CWB invests in the Canadian Business Growth Fund

EDMONTON, June 19, 2018 - Canadian Western Bank (CWB) is pleased to announce our investment in the Canadian Business Growth Fund (CBGF), launching today. CBGF is funded by Canada’s leading banks and insurance companies, and will help Canadian entrepreneurs access the capital they need to drive growth and expansion for their high potential mid-market businesses.

“We’re excited to be part of this initiative,” said Stephen Murphy, Executive Vice President of Banking. “In our experience as a bank for business owners, we know those looking to scale are often challenged to do so while maintaining control of their businesses. We think this opportunity to access an alternative to traditional funding options, like debt financing and private equity investment, can help drive growth for these high-potential owners and, ultimately, have a positive impact on Canada’s economy.”

For more information, visit www.cbgf.com.