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McLean & Partners Wealth Management is now CWB McLean & Partners Wealth Management

CALGARY, February 14, 2019 – McLean & Partners Wealth Management, a subsidiary of CWB Financial Group (CWB), today announced a name and logo change to align its identity with the organization’s other brands. Effective today, McLean & Partners Wealth Management Ltd. is now CWB McLean & Partners Wealth Management Ltd. (CWB McLean & Partners). It will continue to operate under its new name as a subsidiary of CWB Wealth Management and its ownership structure remains the same.

"At CWB McLean & Partners, we are excited to continue to demonstrate our long-standing commitment to continuous growth, while focusing on the magic of real human relationships in an increasingly digital world," said Kevin Dehod, President and CEO of CWB McLean & Partners. "Joining the CWB team in 2013 has allowed us to broaden our resources and strengthen our client offering. We have grown together with a shared culture, and our complementary core values have ensured our partnership has continued to strengthen."

"We are very proud of this opportunity to reinforce the affiliation between CWB Wealth Management and CWB McLean & Partners," added David Schaffner, President and CEO of CWB Wealth Management. "Both companies recognize the importance of a deeply personal approach to advising our clients. This shared principle underpins CWB’s reputation for taking the time to understand the full scope of our clients’ aspirations, and providing a comprehensive range of solutions to guide them to successful financial outcomes."

Together, both CWB McLean & Partners and CWB look forward to a future where growth of strong client relationships continues to be their main priority (video).