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Being essential in a pandemic: Recognizing the frontline

I'm pleased to share that we will proactively acknowledge the above-and-beyond commitment of CWB’s frontline employees to our teams and clients this past year. Each employee that serves clients face-to-face in our banking centres will receive a special one-time $750 bonus.
When we think about essential services in this unprecedented time, we are proud that banking is included in this category for our clients. I acknowledge, however, that being essential also brings with it unique challenges and stressors. Our front-line, client-facing team members in our banking centres know this all too well. 

When we look at the definition of the word es·sen·tial, it means two important things: 1. Relating to, or constituting the essence of, and 2. Of the utmost importance. When I think of our employees serving clients face-to-face every day, both of these definitions feel very fitting. The service they provide, and how they do it while living our values, is the essence of the CWB brand. And when it specifically comes to ensuring essential service in this environment, they play a crucial role in the client experience.

For these particular team members who are not able to do their jobs from home, the current accelerated pandemic situation comes with added stress. They work hard to take care of one another while keeping their team members and clients safe. 

I want to say a very personal thank you to these employees. It's your efforts and actions that are one of the biggest reasons I feel privileged to lead CWB. You are role models for your peers, and I know that everyone across CWB joins me in saying a collective thank you for all you do, and all you will continue to do, to support us as we strive to bring our clients success. You truly are essential.
Chris Fowler
President & CEO