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CWB Financial Group to implement FICANEX AI-powered chatbot solution

tunl.chat to enable conversational banking for a majority of online interactions with existing and potential clients, around the clock

EDMONTON, CANADA – CWB Financial Group (TSX:CWB) is pleased to announce it will work with FICANEX to implement tunl.chat, an AI-powered conversational banking tool that will enhance CWB’s digital client experience. With the ability to answer more than 70 per cent of online inquiries, 24/7, tunl.chat will enable CWB’s clients and other online shoppers to get the information they’re looking for where and when they want it, directly from their smart phone or computer. Access to extensive data analytics will also help identify opportunities to improve the client experience.

In addition to creating a more seamless customer experience, tunl.chat will empower CWB’s employees to spend more time on high-value interactions while decreasing customer churn and wait times. Clients will be able to conduct daily banking activities, including balance inquiries and account-to-account money transfer directly via the chat bot. tunl.chat runs on the existing payment technology that supports THE EXCHANGE® Network’s surcharge-free national ATM network, also owned and operated by FICANEX and of which CWB is a proud member. With the added ability to connect directly with CWB employees by phone or in-person, users can rest assured that they will always get the help they need in the way that works for them.

“We are excited to work with FICANEX to bring tunl.chat to life for our banking brands, Canadian Western Bank and Motive Financial,” says Christina Mullin, CWB’s vice president of digital and alternative channels. “We anticipate that tunl.chat will have a very positive impact on our ability to best support our clients as we continue to build an exceptional client experience across our channels.”

“We are thrilled that CWB Financial Group will be the first bank to implement tunl.chat and take advantage of this very strategic digital channel to improve customer communications,” said Andrew Obee, President & CEO of FICANEX. “Our experience with other tunl.chat implementations has allowed us to create a very robust AI-powered chatbot that will enable fully automated anywhere and anytime conversations between CWB and their customers and potential customers alike,” added Mr. Obee.

FICANEX consists of FICANEX Services Limited Partnership which owns and operates THE EXCHANGE Network; Canada’s largest surcharge-free ATM network, and FICANEX Technology Limited Partnership which developed and supports the tunl. technology platform; providing next-generation digital services for over 170 financial institutions across Canada, allowing them to effectively compete in the digital era of financial services. For more information, visit www.ficanex.ca.