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CWB donates $25,000 to support Pakistan flood relief efforts

CWB will donate $15,000 to Global Medic and $10,000 to the Canadian Red Cross, joining several more Canadian banks in a coordinated funding effort that supports humanitarian relief efforts for the flood disaster in Pakistan. CWB will also accept donations to the Canadian Red Cross at banking centres across Canada.

“Pakistan is grappling with historic flooding, landslides, displacement and deaths, and this catastrophe is also affecting many of our employees who have friends and family there,” says Azfar Karimuddin, Chief Information Officer for CWB, who also hails from Pakistan. “It’s times like this that we must be guided by our people first value to provide swift aid to those affected. These funds will provide immediate help to those that need it most.”

To make a personal donation to the Pakistan relief effort, visit one of CWB’s banking centres by September 27 or visit www.redcross.ca. 

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