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CWB donates $50,000 to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation and will match employee contributions

Updated: March 29, 2022

In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, CWB will make a $50,000 donation to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation, a national charitable foundation established to coordinate, develop, organize, and deliver assistance to projects generated by Canadians and directed to Ukraine.

“As the world watches in dismay at the situation unfolding in Ukraine, we think of the deep roots that its people have in Canada, home to the largest Ukrainian population in the world outside Russia and Ukraine,” says Chris Fowler, President and Chief Executive Officer, CWB Financial Group. “This situation is complex, disconcerting and heartbreaking, especially for CWB employees and clients who have friends and family in the impacted regions of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. These funds will provide immediate humanitarian aid to the courageous people of Ukraine.”

Public and employee-matching donations

While CWB continues to accept donations for the Canadian Red Cross at its banking centres, CWB is also matching employee donations to Canada – Ukraine Foundation, Canadian Red Cross, Global Medic and UNICEF Canada.

For more information contact:

Marcus Miller
Manager, External Communications
[email protected]