CWB Financial Group

Debt security information


The following qualifies as a bank debenture under the Bank Act and is subordinate in right of payment to all deposit liabilities. All redemptions are subject to the approval of OSFI.


Interest Rate Maturity date  Earliest redemption date  Carrying amount (Oct/31/2018) 
3.463%(1)  Dec/17/2024  Dec/17/2019  $250,000,000





(1) These conventional debentures have a 12-year term with a fixed interest rate for the first seven years. Thereafter, the interest rate will be set quarterly at the Canadian dollar CDOR 90-day Bankers’ Acceptance rate plus 160 basis points. 



Rating Agency


Long-term debt and senior deposits


Short-term   debt


Subordinated debentures



 DBRS A (low)  R-1 (low)  BBB (high)  Stable